Dear Frank,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I cannot find the right words to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for telling me about the Otolens hearing aids. I have worn hearing aids for almost 30 years now and I’ve never had my hearing be this fantastic with any other pair of hearing aids. I’ve been wearing the Otolens hearing aids for four days now and my life has improved remarkably. This new technology plus the invisibility of the hearing aids make them incredible!

I can actually talk on my cordless and cell phones with the hearing aids in my ears! I’ve always had to remove one ot talk on phones. I put them in when I wake up and have to remind myself to take them out at night because they are so comfortable! My husband said my speech is clearer because I hear myself better.

My personality has become bubblier as I am more confident because I hear better. I was a happy person before, but now, I am bursting with joy due to my being able to hear so much better! Being able to program these hearing aids myself through a phone is mind boggling and so convenient. Thank you for having the hearing aids in my ears in exactly one short week from the day you made the impressions of my ears. What great service!

I’ve been going to you for ten years now and you and your father have always been extremely understanding and accommodating. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else except you. Thank you for your consistent and caring ways. You are a “people person!”

Gratefully and Respectfully, Sherry M.

Dear Frank,

Please accept my sincere thank you on behalf of The Danbury Exchange Club Foundation, Inc. for your support of our sixth Annual Ad Book for the Exchange Club of Danbury. Your generosity has helped to forget a very special partnership which will support our Programs of Service this year. These important programs honor American Citizenship, youth, community and the prevention of child abuse.

We are excited about the relationship the Exchange Club of Danbury has entered in to with any individuals and businesses that have chosen to participate in this unique advertising opportunity.

Once again, thank you.

Sincerely, Dick Murray
The Danbury Exchange Club Foundation, Inc.

Dear Frank,

I wanted to send this to you in the hopes that it may help others in their decision regarding the wearing of hearing aids. I wanted you to know how much the lack of hearing aids affected my personality and what it was like after having them.

The dynamics of hearing aids:

I had an increasingly hard time hearing my wife and children when they would talk to me. Very often I would misinterpret what they said. Sometimes I would not hear what had been said and my wife would have to repeat it two or three times before I heard her. I was not tuning her out. She is a special lady and she was struggling with my lack of hearing also.

I resisted my wife’s suggestions to see if a hearing aid would be helpful. It was several years before I decided to take a hearing test. As it turned out, it had been a big mistake to put it off. Had I listened to my family, I would have so much better off. I missed so much over that period of time and the result was not being very happy at times.

A very difficult part of this loss was not being able to understand what my grandchildren were saying. I know they were aware of this too. When in a crowded room, restaurant, the theater or even a gathering of a few friends, I was unable to hear all or much of the conversation. I would nod my head and not participate. Again, how frustrating for me and for those around me.

Subconsciously, I became more upset and my demeanor changed over a long period of time, due to my frustration. The inability to hear made me very grouchy for no apparent reason.

Finally, I had a hearing test and it showed that I had a hearing loss of high pitched sounds. I discussed the test with Frank and he recommended hearing aids that would address this problem. After adjusting the aids and wearing them for a few days, my demeanor changed considerably.

Without the test and the hearing aids, I would have continued to be frustrated and become more agitated. That would have made it more difficult for my family and friends to want to be around me.

Those times I do not wear the hearing aids it is apparent as I revert back to the frustration of not hearing what is being said. It makes it frustrating for my family too.

My quality of life is so much better now that I can hear and participate in conversations; hear what is being said at the theater, on TV, social gatherings, very noisy restaurants and what my grandchildren are saying to me.

I hope that this letter will help others as they are trying to decide on whether to wear hearing aids or not. It certainly has made a big difference in my life.

Patrick N.

Dear Frank,

I want to thank you for your generous time and help in adjusting my hearing aids, and for calling Starkey about installing a volume control on that particular model. Irene and I also enjoyed our political discussion and agree with you.

I have returned the hearing aid to the VA for processing to Starkey.

Again thanks, and I will recommend you to anyone that I may come across with.

Sincerely, Sam and Irene.

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